What is the Secret to a Flatter Stomach?


Your Liver has many different functions and one of those functions is to process toxins/ acids. These toxins come in many different forms from additives and preservatives in the food we eat, to chemicals in skin products, pollution in the air we breathe to more natural toxins such as stress with the release of cortisol and adrenaline.

Your lymphatic system acts as your body’s natural detoxification system to eliminate these toxins through the lymph nodes around the body. These lymph nodes have a limited capacity meaning if you have more coming in than being eliminated they will over flow. Your body will then send these toxins around your storage fat under your skin and they will “attack” your fat cell.

As a defence mechanism your body will draw water outside the fat cell to surround and protect it. This is what is known as Water Retention and Cellulite. Your brain now struggles to see this as a fat cell to process when you exercise as they are trapped (with the water). We burn fat globally not locally so you can not spot reduce fat loss. The main areas where you have these lymph nodes are under your chin (double chin) under your arms (bingo wings) around your waist (beer belly) and hips (muffin top/ love handles).

As you can see, these are everyone’s main areas of concern and are always the last thing to change when embarking on a new fitness regime. If you are carrying a lot of fat around these areas, will notice 2 things. Firstly, that it feels cooler than other areas due to a lack of blood flow and circulation to that area. Secondly, if it feels soft and watery in these areas then its most likely water retention and not fat and therefore the problem is:


If the first problem is a lack of circulation to the cells in that area, then the solution is to increase the circulation to that area. The Champneys Specialist will advise you on the best methods to do this based on your body and your Body Composition test results. This could be through a combination of exercises, body brushing, vibration training, rebounding and hot & cold therapy.

The second problem is an accumulation of fat soluble toxins and acids surrounding your fat cells causing this water retention. Therefore the solution is to neutralise the acids by adding alkalising ingredients to your system. This can be through food, concentrated organic powder, baths and capsules (depending on the individual).


Using these alkaline ingredients they can help to break down fat soluble toxins into water soluble toxins. Once the toxins are water soluble, you can flush them out (via urination, sweat). This, in turn, makes those fat cells available to process when you exercise.

Once you have access to all the fat cells in your body, you can begin to burn fat from the right areas straight away.

This is why it is so important to have the correct combination of Exercise, Nutrition and Detoxification.


  • A 4 week training programme.
  • A Food Diary Analysis.
  • Regular monitoring and support.
  • A Body Composition Analysis pre and post programme.


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