Specialist Therapies on Zoom

with Sandi Clark Mayes and Mike Mayes

Clairvoyant Readings

£85 for 50 minutes

Sandi Clark Mayes is currently available for Zoom readings which can be booked at Fitness in Tring– she has been doing clairvoyant readings at Champneys Tring, and the other resorts for over 16 years   She also works in person and on Zoom in Dubai, Australia, New Zealand and France.   She was trained in mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College in the UK.   Her readings are tailored to the needs and requirements of each client.   She also teaches mediumship at both foundation and advanced levels.

Sandi has the ability to sense the mental, emotional and physical processes of people.  In that way she gathers information about the past, present and future potential of her client (categoric future telling is illegal in the UK) in order that they have a clearer understanding of themselves, how they are affected by other people, what is going on in their lives, their calife purpose and their potentials and abilities. She can look at specific areas of a person’s life if that is wanted.   If it is acceptable to her client, Sandi is also able to connect with those who have passed on, identifying them and passing on any messages or answers to client’s questions.

Sandi lives with her husband Mike on the Roseland in Cornwall and so was only available once a month pre-pandemic. Due to lockdown, she has discovered that all elements of a reading work equally well on Zoom and a big advantage is that clients can have a video recording of their reading included in the price. Zoom means that she is now able to be available five days a week for Champneys clients.

Deep Energy Healing

£85 for 50 minutes, £45 for 25 minutes

Mike Mayes is now available for Zoom deep energy healing which can be booked at Fitness in Tring - he has been doing Deep Energy Healing sessions at Champneys Tring and the other resorts for 9 years– he also works in person and on Zoom in Dubai, Australia, New Zealand and France. He was trained at the Arthur Findlay College attending several courses a year for ten years. Each session is carried out based on the healing needs of the individual client.

He carries out this all-encompassing therapy which - mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically - relaxes, re-conditions, repairs, rejuvenates, re-energises and balances.  You stress and anxiety levels will be reduced, your quality of life improved and you will experience better sleep patterns.  The effects of this treatment are on-going, and you will be given information about what healing was needed, why it was needed and what action you can take to avoid re-occurrence of the blockages and imbalances.  

Mike lives with his wife Sandi on the Roseland in Cornwall, and pre-pandemic was only available to Champneys clients once a month.  However, during lockdown he discovered that his healing worked equally well on Zoom – healing energy knows no limitations of distance.   His treatments are now available five days a week to Champneys clients.