Come join our first conditioning camp, a 12-session course

This course includes 2 sessions a week for a 6-week duration.

  • 2x 50min practical sessions per week, including a 35min session with a 15-minute seminar session at the start. A fitness assessment is included.
  • 4 workout programmes covering movement, kettlebell training and bodyweight exercises. All content in the workouts will be covered across the 6-week course to partner the workouts provided.
  • Handouts cover topics such as the biomechanics of lifts, nutritional advice and the psychology of exercise, which will be provided. All participants will be provided a complete training manual as part of their course.


Week 1 – Fitness Assessment; Goals
Week 2 – Core Control; Mobility
Week 3 – Strength and Lifts 1; Fuel for the system
Week 4 – Strength and Lifts 2; Fats and Minerals
Week 5 – Conditioning Concepts; Neurochemicals and Exercise
Week 6 – Calisthenics and Circuit Sets; The Bodies Building Blocks

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