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Our simple but effective 12-week Body Transformation Programme will help you shape up fast and send your energy levels soaring.

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Commit to 12 weeks:

  • Kick start package of Body Composition & Metabolism Assessment and Functional screen at weeks 1,6 and 12.
  • 12 Personal Training Sessions (30 mins)
  • Remote Nutrition Consultation (55 mins)

Our 55-minute nutrition consultations are individually tailored to address specific concerns and desires, guiding you to achieve your goals.

Sessions involve a comprehensive health assessment, bespoke dietary advice, tailored nutritional supplement suggestions and any recommendations for further testing.

Whether it's weight loss or lethargy, skin problems or stress, menopause or migraine, IBS or immune issues, taking stock and recalibrating your diet and lifestyle habits will put you on a better path to taking your health into your own hands.

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